Trake (Beta)

By Jordan Aupetit

This game is still in development but you can already play it with your friends.

You can play alone like the classical Snake but it has been developed to be played with friends.

You can play up to four on one keyboard but you'll be a little tight. It is better to play with three players.

Click on the help button on the homepage to learn how to control snakes.


  • Local multi-player game (2-4 players)
  • Shoot bullets
  • Gain a boost

In the future

  • Internet multi-player
  • Bots
  • Sounds
  • More features...

Update (08/15/2014)

  • Bots
  • Graphic changes
  • Bug Fix

If you want to give me your feedback please contact me to and I would be happy to answer you.